1st Annual NSCFF Tournament

•  Game & Entry Fees:
» 8-Man Flag (Everyone is Eligible) $300
» » plus $20 Ref fee

» 336-451-4702 | Derek Cross
» 336-210-1116 | Whitehead
» 336-254-6220 | Ken


Coming 2012

    The NSCFF Double Elimination Format
    Full-Contact Flag Football

    Bring Your "A" Game
    Because Your "B" Won't Cut It

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NSCFF Awards

•  Bring Your "A" Game because Your "B" won't cut It


1st - 2nd Place / Team Awards
Now let's see who's the best in the Carolinas. Bring your "A" game because your "B" game won't win here.

1st Place Individual Awards
North & South Carolina Flag Football proudly rewards individual winners to bring their ability to higher levels.

MVP Awards
This award is an honor typically bestowed upon the best performing player or players on a specific team in the entire league.

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Join the N&S Carolina Flag Football League and participate in the challenge that has become the Sunday Football Superball Championship Game.

Register early and participate for the Cash Prize. Teams have the option to add $100 to their Entrance Fee & become a Cash Option Team.

Paid entry fee to Nationals is $490 plus you could win up to $2090.


16 Cash Option Team x $100 Upgrade Fee is equal to $1600.

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